Anti-trafficking Fundraiser

By Daniel Bennett


The Event is called 'Suffer'....why? Because its known as the hardest triathlon course in NZ due to the hills (most tri courses are flat)

So while the legs may hurt a bit by the end, that 'suffering' is nothing compared to what so many go through daily around the world because of human trafficking.....the fact that the fund raising from this event will help combat will help keep me motivated. 

FYI: some pics of the course below


Seven Weeks to Event time

A few months back, I started training for the half iron man in Rotorua. 

It's now only 7 weeks to the event and my longest training session last weekend was 4 hours. But I've determined that if I'm going to do this it's not just going to be about me. 

Please join me and contribute towards raising funds to combat Human Trafficking--- something I think is the most concerning trend worldwide.

Edmund Burke said that 'evil only triumphs when good men do nothing' and this is certainly true about this issue. Together, we can make a difference. 

Thanks for your support 



Help set free victims of Trafficking

How much would you give to rescue a loved one who went missing? what some families suffer through with trafficking is unimaginable. 

I'm competing in the Rotorua Half Iron Man and I need you to help me achieve my goals

1. Raise $1500 to go towards Tear Fund's anti-trafficking initiative

2. Raise awareness of how to get involved

3. Encourage people to join up/make regular contributions to Tear Fund's anti-trafficking fund

(If you donate, you'll also help keep me motivated to cross the finish line!). 

Jesus challenged us to 'love your neighbour as yourself'. In our global world, I believe we should see everyone as our neighbour. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daniel Bennett


Victoria Gresson

Happy to support you in this important work.


Dempsey Family

Go Dan! Great effort!!




Steve Irwin

Great charity, great cause and great effort. All the best!


Steve And Francine

You’re a legend Daniel, go for it!


Karl And Allison Sumner




Rebecca Jones

Love you Dan- what a great cause.




Chris Harbour

Great cause Dan...go well with your training @ stay safe (especially on the bike!!)


Planning Plus Lts

Good luck Daniel Hannah & Colin


Chris Ash

Great effort & cause Dan. All the best!


Bridget/dave Hallsworth

Great cause, best of luck with the ironman


Roshan And Jeni


Sam Stammers

God bless you and keep you strong.


Graeme Budler


Tom Clark


Heather Becker

Such a worthy cause, bless you heaps for highlighting it AND suffering the hard training!


Kylie Price

Awesome stuff Dan!


Nikki Clark

You are inspirational Daniel!. All the best with the training and then the actual event. Bless you Nikki Clark


Adam Isa

Good luck.



Worthy cause...well done for making a difference and all the best for your training!


Lynda Hay




James Isherwood