Roger Harper

I'm fundraising for Tearfund

Hi Everyone, I'm riding the Tour of New Zealand to help raise funds for Tearfund and the challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation. I get the easy bit, cycling over 500 km's (6 days) through NZ's beautiful and mountainous South Island.

The simple way I look at is that every single person trafficked is somebody's daughter or son. We shouldn't be having to raise money for something like this, it's bad beyond belief, but somebody needs to do something. I invite you to join me in us both trying to do a little (or a lot?) to help.

Human trafficking is an organised criminal activity that deceives and coerces people into "modern" slavery. The vast majority of victims trafficked into sexual exploitation are vulnerable women and girls, robbed of their freedom and dignity.

Beth & I have been involved for almost 20 years in raising funds for Tearfund to fight poverty and injustice. We've seen the work, indeed Beth has been part of the work full time for 15 years. The people are inspiring and the work is amazing.

If it was yours, or my, daughter or son, we'd be desperate for someone to help. Lets help Tearfund and their partners fight this terrible crime by sponsoring me on this challenge and achieving my target of raising $15,000.00 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Edgar Seaman

Good Luck with your ride for an amazingly wonderful Charitable cause . It is a pleasure to contribute to Tearfund . All the best . Edgar


Paul And Liz

Go well, and enjoy your meeting on Day 2.


Baldry & Sanford

Well done Roger. Taupo in November ?


John Peary

Go well Rog, hope there is no snow or ice! Ride safe.


John Elliott

500k of rolling meadows and sunshine - except for the mountains and the forecast rain!! Enjoy, go hard (but not too hard)! Thanks for all the work that you and Beth have put into Tear Find over all these years.


Danny Gao

Keep going!!


Helen St. John

Great cause Rog, boss that Crown Range!


Kevin And Pearl Harper


Lesley Francis-ziogas

What a great cause! All the best Roger.


Ron Halls


Campbell & Phillipa Batts



Great cause to be supporting.


Dan Hempstead

Great work Roger! Good hard and enjoy! Great cause as well. Hopefully the spare parts arrive soon so you can get back on your own bike!


Charles Belcher

Awesome effort mate, enjoy!


Menno Veeneklaas

All the best with your ride Roger! It’s a great cause. Regards, Menno


Craig & Liz

Hi Rog, great cause & we hope you finish strong




Andrew Bedford

Great cause that I know you and Beth have supported for many years. Go Well Roger!



Great cause, great work Roger!


Nick Lovegrove

Sounds pretty similar to le Tour... You haven't ridden proper cross wind territory unless the trees are all growing sideways. A great cause, well done!



GO ROG. Well Done. Glad you are out there and taking life head on. A friend of mine is setting up cyber task force to take this issue on. Well done. Ax


Central Rv, Taupo

Hopefully your next trip south is towing four wheels rather than pedalling two!



Hi Roger, I just donate 120.00 . Seaman


Craig Jenkins

Love your riding Love your work Rog - and the cause certainly worth it!



A great cause... hope the weather lets you enjoy it!


Graham Duncan

Hope the weather improves !!



All the best and hope the rest of the ride is a lot less troublesome!


Craig Jenkins

Ride strong with purpose brother!


Faye Paul

After all these years of cycling with Bethie, I can hardly believe you are now on a bike Rog! and so very glad it's you cycling this Tour with her and not me (although I do have mixed feelings)...thinking of you both and all those involved all the way...take care, keep safe, go well and enjoy!!