Richard Hislop

We're fundraising for Tearfund

It was a good idea over a pint - but now I'm bricking it!  Three BJ Ball colleagues and I have entered the Tour of New Zealand! We are now locked in to ride 8 stages starting April 9th from Glenorchy to Wellington - 505kms! I just love over-committing myself! 
As a team we are raising funds for Tearfund's fight against child sex trafficking and exploitation. 
Riding for such a worthy cause will make the training and effort all worth while.
Please help me by making a donation - big or small! It all adds up - $1 for each pedal stroke would be greatly appreciated! haha! ( there will be close to a million!)
Thank you 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Fred Soar

On ya Rich, always willing to support a worth cause (like the print industry :-)) Don't overdo it.......


Deborah Hislop

Go Richie. Always up for a challenge. LOL Mum xxx


Roger Gwynne

Good work bro.


Antony Federer

Great Challenge Richard. All the best!


John Murdoch

"Good on ya mate" Ill double the $100 donation to $200 if you finish and send photos of your blistered bum!!! hahaha proud of you. Cheers John


Kay & Graham Kirke

Go for it Richie. It's a doddle.


Red Bull Racing Team

We have been watching your progress and training - we like what we see so far! Keep it up. RBRT


Craig Brown

All the best mate, go well for a good cause


Ruth Cobb

Good luck team!



Bollah......... a ride in the park for you! ??


Lindsay Olney

Go well Richard - Great cause deserves a great effort


Bruce Fyfe

All the best Rich, great effort.


Aaron Hicks

Yes great cause and would love to get behind ya on this one. Good luck out there Rich!


M F King Industries Ltd

Don’t run aground ha ha.


Will Killinger

Stay in the slip stream as long as you can. Enjoy.


Brad Partingyon


Ian Walsh

good luck with this...hats off


Paul Cibulskis

Good luck mate!!


Rebecca Hislop

WHOOP WHOOP! Go Richie...! You'll be walking like a cowboy after that ride xx


Sir John Key

As a rule I don't normally make donations to charities, but I'll make an exception for you Hissie - all the best on the uphills.


Annabel Mackenzie

Are you borrowing Ju’s ebike?!


Simon Delany

All those months of training will be worth it Hissie! ?


Arlene Wheelans

Go Richie. You are such a great guy who gives his time so willingly. Great cause. Stay safe - Aunty Arlene HaHa xx


Jacs Lee

Nice one Richie-Doo!!! Good luck ?