Just over a month to go

Hi there.  Just over a month before we commence TONZ.  I would be grateful for your financial support for TONZ initiatives to combat human trafficking, migrant smuggling and exploitation.  Many of you will know Joy and I spent five years in Thailand addressing this issue for LIFT International, Hug Project and as a consultant to the UN. 

The statistics of human trafficking are staggering, but don't reflect the enormous long term suffering of individual victims.  We are facing horrendous challenges made more difficult by Covid.  Wherever people face poverty they are vulnerable to trafficking - which is the exploitation of vulnerability.  

We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm raising funds for Tearfund's fight against child sex trafficking and exploitation.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Pleased to support and let you do the riding...


Ian Kuperus

Best wishes for the ride.



Well done Ralph. Very happy to support you and your purpose.



Good lad


Kriselle Baker


Jonathan Moses


Jack Govind

Happy to support a good man and a good cause


Mycool S

Ha - I took you over your goal. Ride hard!


David Boswell


David Bond

Good on ya


Peter Muys

Go well - keep safe!



Is this your preferred name?


Wazza F

you guys just to fast !!



Thanks in advance for towing me up the hills!


David Friar

Such a great cause to support. Ride hard!


Amanda Greenwood


Nick Saxton


Rebecca Cotter

Such a great cause Ralph; hope you have a great time on the cycle tour!



All the best Ralph to you and the team. Such a fantastic mission. Hope the weather is kind to you on the West Coast. Cheers Nichole


Ben Green

Ride on Ralph!



All the best Ralph, what an awesome journey. (It's not quite Chloe winning Auckland central, but maybe the next best thing)


Harry Culverwell


Thomas Kelly

Go Ralphyboy!


Adam Wortman

Great work Ralph, enjoy the week.