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Did it!

Last day today and getting dark now, so I guess we're all done at 447.3 km - got to 'Bangkok' and on the way back...

Thanks everyone who's helped already - the link is still open if you've been meaning to contribute...  The problem of human trafficking is such a heinous one and we just do need to keep knocking the idea of slavery on the head: 'abolition' is just not a reality in our current world.

11 June - Day 11

Took a break yesterday, since my tyre had gone down again (no sure why -it's fine today!) but David ran 5 km and Don rode 15km.  Today I rode 7.2 km and Trevor's out running, as I write.  We're up to 409 km - nearly there!

Quieter day

7.1 km on the bike today  :)  and Trevor did a 4km run.  Don took up the slack with 43km on the bike round Wellington - beautiful photos for the team blog.

Blatting down the mountain!

Today I cycled down from the Stratford Mountain House, stopped to look at the Rodin exhibition (+local artists) at the Percy Thomson gallery in Stratford and headed on to Ngaere to meet Trevor.  With another few km this afternoon: 23.8 km.  Trevor did a 5 km run and David has run 15 km over the weekend too.  It's all adding up!

Enchanted Walk

On Sunday we went for a walk through the goblin forest on Taranaki.  A bit damp but as beautiful as ever.  Trevor then cycled back up to the carpark to fetch the car back down to where we were staying  :)

Mixed Day

Well, the day has included sun and rain, a puncture and a lost pump but the good news is that we ended the day with a mended tyre (thanks, Trevor), a found pump and 22.2 km for me (mostly biking and a bit of a walk home in the middle!) and 15.1 km for Trevor's run.  We're going well!

Another wet day

Dodged the raindrops on the way to work.  Luckily, it wasn't so bad after work, so fitted in a few extra blocks on the way home to get up to 10.2 kms.  Rest day for Trevor.

Into the countryside

Went for a ride this morning into the countryside and around and also biked to work later: total of 19.2 km   :) Progress is being made!

First outing

21 km down - in the rain!  Trevor lent me some wet weather trou so damp only in places!

New team members! Longer route!

Nephew Don and his wife Erica are joining our team, so we can choose a longer route!  We'll now be aiming to match the 425 km across Thailand between Tak and Bangkok - another known human-trafficking route.  We start on Monday!

We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


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Well done guys & God bless!


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