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So i didnt mention what i plan to do to raise this cool $1000

I plan to ride on my mountain bike 1000kms over 30 days of March 

ie $1.00 per km bring it on 

cheers Pete

Peter white Poverty Cycle post #1

So iv been looking at the Poverty Cycle for a couple of years but it never worked out. But now they have changed how its been run in much as i can do it on the coast and in my own time and own challange will iv run out of excuses.So sitting here in late December and looking for a new challange for the new year, this is it. Anyone want to join me.

cheers Pete

We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Blake White


Kylie Mackenzie

Smash it Pete! :)


Sandra Quick

Go Pete. Really important project.


Paddy Pawson

Anyone doing anything to improve lives and our planet deserves a few bucks. Go well


Peter White