Nathan’s birthday Present

By Nathanael Jimenez

I'm donating my birthday to support this awesome cause

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your generous donations. My wish for my birthday is to be able to help the children in Afghanistan who are sick, hungry  and abandoned. We are fortunate to be able to live with freedom and without fear, sheltered and our tummy’s full. God bless your generous heart. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Enzo Co

Happy Birthday Nathan! God bless your good heart


Josh And Shad

Happy birthday Nate, Thank you for being a really good friend to us, missing hanging out at yours and our place hehe, may God bless you with many more years to come Love you brother Josh and Shad


Jacob , Gab And Izzy

Happy birthday Nathan! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.


Sheena Dacanay

Happiest birthday to you, Nathan. May the Lord continue to bless your good heart. Wishing you bliss and contentment. We love you, Manong Nathan! Dacanay Squad




Aiden Mcgregor

Happy birthday, Nate! This is a cool idea. I hope you have a really good day. Thanks for all the fun times. Aiden


Harper Rapson

Happy Birthday Nathan Such a awesome idea and such a kind thing to do. Hope you have a awesome party .


Nestor Jimenez

Happiest Birthday Nate. Enjoy your day. Take care & God Bless. Happy Birthday also to your Mom.


Tracey Lee

Happy Birthday Nate! God bless your heart? for choosing this great cause. Happy 11th birthday. We love you ? Tita Tracey, Tito Sangbek and Amanda


Scarlet Jimenez

Hi Nathan, thank you fir being a compassionate young boy, i hope that you will carry on that attitude of being caring & helpul, we love you very much❤️