Eastgate Christian Centre

Big Quiz

We're holding a Quiz night to raise funds for Tearfund

$350 Farming & Enterprise 

Eastgate Christian Centre are one of the many churches around New Zealand taking part in Tearfund’s Big Quiz Night. It will be a night of fun, laughter, and competition all the raise funds for a good cause.

Our target is to raise $350 for Tearfund’s Sri Lankan post-war dairy project. The money raised will fund a cow shed that houses four to six cows with a concrete floor, concrete water troughs and a water cooling system for drinking water and prevent heat stroke. This will optimise a cows production of milk, leaving small-holder dairy farmers with plenty of milk to sell, so they are able to provide for their families.

We will be hosting this event on Saturday 22nd August, from 7pm.

We hope to see you there!