Kelly Burgess

Hitting the streets with hope...

This week, I’m having to make up the distance, in my busy, active weekend I wasn’t able to do my ‘intentional’ walk around to fundraiser for Tearfund - helping to end the cycle of poverty and forced labour for women and children around the world.

There has to be purpose behind this challenge, so today I added 2 kms and I’ll do this each day this week to make up the distance!  It’s all for SUCH an important cause.

With each step, I think of a story told to me 14 years ago by an undercover officer working for one of Tearfund a partners.  

They had spent some harrowing weeks investigating an illegal brothel in Thailand. On the morning of the raid and arrest of human traffickers and in amongst the group of terrified young girls rescued was a 12 year old called ‘Esther’ - her first words to the investigation team were ‘I knew you would come’ for 6 months she had held out hope of release from her horrific situation. Above a cot in the loft were they were held a verse was scratched into the wood, Psalm 27:1-4, look it up if you like - but I know if a girl like Esther can hold on to hope, I too can hope that this terrible trade in human lives will end.  Please help by supporting this cause and sponsoring me!!! Thanks team. 

Why I’m moving for freedom this March

Today is the 1st of March - a few of the precious women and girls in my family have birthdays in March. I think of how much I would fight if anyone were to hurt them.

Tearfund partners with organisations  who are fighting to prevent, rescue and protect children around the world from human trafficking - boys and girls who are as precious and important and those in my family.

While I can’t fight for them where they are - Tearfund can - so I’m moving this March and reclaiming a trafficking route - I plan to walk 120kms in the month of March - 4km a day, every day.  Please help Tearfund by sponsoring me this March - Tearfund partners are responsible for 80% of successful prosecutions of human traffickers in Thailand last year, they know what they are doing and I’m just doing my little bit.

#breakthepovertycycle #moveforfreedom

I’m fundraising for Tearfund

I am a Poverty Cycle breakaway!  I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

I going to travel 180km on my Spin bike in ten days or less - and reclaim a common trafficking route from Vientiane in Laos to Udon Thani in Thailand, it may not sound like much to the pro cyclists out there but I’m not well equipped with fitness and this is a big challenge for me! 

Please help by sponsoring me. #moveforfreedom

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lynette Theron Moss

Well done my friend! Keep shining your light


Megan Robb

Go Kel!


Jo Wilson

Good on you Kelly! I’m very happy to support this cause. My heart breaks for people in poverty who end up bonded to slavery and especially those who have had their innocence taken from them at such a young age.


Melinda Quin

Awesome Kel, you go girl!!!!!



You are AMAZING!