Jo Hathaway

Moving for Freedom in March Day 8.

Logged another 4 Kms this morning embarassed

It'd be awesome if you could sponsor me. Just go to the link - it's super easy. All money is going to Tearfund to help people stuck in trafficking. 


Thank you! Happy weekend!


How many kms?

I'm challenging myself to walk a minimum of 4 kms per day in March. That's a total of 124km for March.

One of the main trafficking routes is from Nepal to Kathmandu with a distance of 867km or approx 1 million steps. I'll be helping our team by walking 148,800 steps towards our 1 million step goal.

Moving for Freedom in March

This March I'm joining a team fundraising for TearFund to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

I'll be participating using any kind of movement. I might cycle, swim, hike or skip, but probably mostly walk!

If you would like to donate and help contribute to international and NZ projects that would be awesome!


We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Shaz Hathaway

Awesome Jo!! Kia kaha.


Karen Gibson

Great mission Jo! Xx 😘


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Kat Cooper

Nice one Jo, what a great cause to support.


Deborah Gibson-hardie

So awesome Jo!!! Love you xxx


Nikki Chapman

You are awesome!


Miranda Cook

Well done you x


Angela Reiff

Cheering you on 👍🏼



love how you walk the talk girl xx


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Great work Jo☺



Yay good on you Jo! Love you heaps xoxox


Jo Hathaway