Jason van der Hulst

Ride complete!

I rode the first half of the journey on Monday 1st of June and completed the second leg Saturday June 6! Thanks to all my sponsors

Jason's blurb

No one should have to live in slavery, especially not in the 21st Century. Sadly there are millions who are victims of human trafficking living a life that they did not choose. Which is why I am partnering with Tear Fund for the poverty cycle.Ā 

This years poverty cycle is about symbolically reclaiming some of the world's most well worn trafficking routes. I will be doing 2 lots of 35 kilometre rides to reclaim route 5 on the poverty cycle web page (https://ddegjuybpjo7h.cloudfront.net/1341dd427232e4e786516ab209a827f1.pdf)

I would love it if you would consider sponsoring me. Any amount is gratefully appreciated. I look forward to partnering with you.Ā 

I'm raising money to free victims of human trafficking

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


Thank you to my Sponsors


J Boucher

You are awesome šŸ‘




Bernie Van Der Hulst



Awesome cause , thank you for standing up ,fighting against human trafficking.


Tim And Nina Buchanan

Go for it Jase! We're cheering you on!




Dave And Arna Harris

Awesome cause we will totally support, good on you, fundraising isnt an easy feat! Enjoy your rides, wear a couple of pairs of pants šŸ˜‚ Dave and Arna šŸ˜Š







Lisa More

Good luck and way to go!


Prem Nand

Yay to go, bro


Christian Borja