Felipe Demartini

Help the 3,000 children per day who are trafficked by cycling 550km!

It’s not okay that children and young women are treated with such disdain. Trafficking of people should not be a thing! Yet here it is a thriving criminal enterprise! This is not okay, so for I'm throwing my weight behind it.   

Early April we will be cycling 550km in 7 days - from Queenstown to Wellington - in the Tour of New Zealand. It is a very small effort compared with the suffering children and young women go though due to human trafficking.

This challenge is my stake in the ground. Will you join me? I'm serious about doing my bit to help our generation turn the tide on human trafficking. 

Support me and help those on the ground stop the traffic! 

Thank you very much! On behalf of women and children, in desperate need of freedom.


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Way to go Felipe!!


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Felipe Demartini


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Good on you Felipe!



Great inspiration mate!