Deb & Nick

We've made it!

We're sore, but we've made it to Udon Thani. 

Things did not quite go to plan, with illness wiping out the middle of March. 

But some long hours in the pool over the past couple of weeks, and out of the pool on the road in the last few days, have taken us over the line. 

Worth every bit of the effort though. 

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way by contributing to a worthy cause. 

Looking forward to the next Poverty Cycle challenge - and hopefully others will be inspired to take up the challenge. 

Ngaa mihi nui                               

Nick & Deborah

We're on the home stretch!

We've had a tough mid-March, struck down with illness (as shown by the lack of progress on the graph!), but we're back in the pool and making serious inroads into our 79km target with just under a week to go.   

The swims have been a bit longer over the past few days, and the bodies a lot wearier, but that's a luxury compared with what others have to deal with. 

The thought that we're making at least a small contribution towards helping those who are being exploited by others (see for more information) is an easy motivator. 

We might have to get out of the pool to run the last few kms, but we'll make sure we get to Udon Thani by the end of March. 

Nick & Deborah

Pap Pools

Not a bad place to be swimming 79 km!  cool

I'm hoping the warm weather will last till the end of March.

Thanks to all who have supported us, so far.  We only have 60 km to go!

Tracking Our Progress

To keep track of how we're going - and to remind ourselves of how far there is to go - here is a graph showing how far we've swum to date. 

Just 66.75km to go!

Nick & Deborah

Laos to Thailand by Swimming Pool

The inhumanity of human trafficking is difficult to comprehend as we go about our daily routines down under in New Zealand. 

We're trying to raise awareness, and to raise some funds for the Tearfund Poverty Cycle, to help break the cycle. 

Our challenge is to swim the full 79km distance of the commonly used trafficking route from Vientiane, Laos to Udon Thani, Thailand, over the month of March - that's just over 1km of swimming for each of us every day this month.

We're not really fish out of water so this is going to be tough, but we're up for it and have kickstarted our challenge with daily lengths at our local pool. 

We hope you're up for supporting a great cause as well, in whatever way you can.

Deborah & Nick



We're fundraising for Tearfund

We're taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

We've decided to test ourselves by swimming the full distance of one of the human trafficking routes in South East Asia. 

We'll post further details along the way, so you can see how we're going. 

Your support, in any way you can, would be much appreciated. 

Deborah & Nick



Thank you to my Sponsors


Barney Cumberland

One stroke after another...


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Good stuff


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Good stuff !



Great cause, keep going!


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Certainly a good cause - well done (in advance)


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Well done Deb and Nick, what a great cause - and effort!


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Had to push you guys over your target! Keep up the great effort!



All the best


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A great cause to champion - best of luck.


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1km daily Butterfly right?! GOOO NICK!! :)


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All the best.