Brian Dodds

We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm raising funds for Tearfund's fight against child sex trafficking and exploitation.

It’s just plain wrong  that children and young women are treated with such disdain. Trafficking of people should not be a thing! Yet it is a thriving criminal enterprise worldwide! 

This is not okay, so for I'm throwing my spindly frame & less than substantial weight behind it.   

Let's get serious about doing our bit to help our generation turn the tide on human trafficking. 

Support me and help those on the ground stop the traffic! 

Thanks heaps :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Clive And Carol

Awesome thing you are doing Brian!


Lyn Marshall

Go well Brian, may the wind be at your back and the weather kind !! Thanks for supporting vulnerable woman & children and helping make the world a better place.


Jane Yoong

Wonderful thing to do Brian. Go well our thoughts will be with you on this epic journey. Love Jane and Pak


Brian Dodds


Andrea Barrett

Worthy cause- well done Brian!



Great cause Brian! Take good care on that long trip!


Racheal Harold & Dean Oliver

Sun is shining on the East Coast!!! Enjoy and good luck!


Tony & Trudi Donahoe

Good luck Brian. Will be an epic trip.



Great effort Brian. All the best for a fun and challenging adventure. Ride safe.


Theresa Holmes

Call into Clyde for some cheese scones!


Murray Martin

You always were fast on a bike! PS get a haircut.


Brent Goldsmid

Great stuff Brian. Call in if you need a beer.



Good work Brian!


Steven Geary

A worthy cause to support, good luck to you and your team


Miriam O'connor And Alastair Miller

All the best with the ride Brian - great work.


Lee Picard

Awesome effort Brian!


Charlie Nairne

All the best B