Beth Harper

It's not okay that children and young women are treated with such disdain. Trafficking of people should not be a thing! Yet here it is a thriving criminal enterprise! This is not okay, so for I'm throwing my weight at it.   

This challenge is my stake in the ground. Will you join me? I'm serious about doing my bit to help our generation turn the tide on human trafficking. Support me and help those on the ground stop the traffic! 

Thank you! On behalf of women and children, in desperate need of freedom.

This will be my fourth TONZ for Tearfund!

Unfortunately an injury, while training, has thrown me off my stride and i'll be lucky to cycle even two days on the Tour. 

Notwithstanding this, I'm seeking your support for the cause i care for so deeply. I've been with Tearfund for 16 years & this is my last hoorah! I've put in the  hours & months of hard training and would love to make this Tour count.

The simple way I look at is that every single person trafficked is somebody's daughter or son. We shouldn't be having to raise money for something like this, it's bad beyond belief, but somebody needs to do something. I invite you to join me in us both trying to do a little (or a lot?) to help.

Support Tearfund's fight against child sex trafficking and exploitation. 

Thank you, :)

Love Beth xx

P.S I'm stoked that I'll have Roger cycling this Tour. He has been by my side over all the last 16 years and it's pure joy to support him this Tour & hopefully ride side by side for a day or two.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Noel Winsloe


Michael Burrowes

Well done Beth - wish I could be joining you on the tour


Noel Winsloe


Jatin Patel

Hi Beth& Roger All the very best for the Great Cause and be safe Best Wishes from The team at JP & Associates


Karen Poole

So impressed by you!


Luisa Schroder

Your energy and passion constantly inspire me!


Richard Etherington

Glad Roger joined you this year... wish I could have been there! Will there be another?


Beth Harper

Giving myself some self belief. Go Beth, you can do this!



Go Beth! You continue to inspire me xx


Celia Laity

Great to see Roger out there peddling in the pouring rain on the Haast Pass recently.. you guys are an amazing Team.. well done & a wonderful Fundraising effort for such a worthy cause.. C & H


Annette Wright

Great cause Beth .Go well and be safe


Faye Paul

Whether you cycle or not Bethie, you can feel so very proud of all that you have achieved on behalf of the vulnerable. I'm having mixed feelings about not being with you on yet another Tour of NZ and am thinking of you all the way...may everyone go well and stay safe...loving you xx