Beth Harper

I'm raising funds for Tearfund's fight against child sex trafficking and exploitation.

It is unreal that such a thing, as the trafficking of children & people even exists in 2019- let alone is a thriving criminal enterprise! So I'm throwing my weight at it. It quite simply should not be.  

This challenge is my stake in the ground. And i invite you to join me. I'm serious about doing my bit to help our generation turn the tide on human trafficking. Will you join me?

Support me and help those on the ground make this crime intolerable.

Thank you! On behalf of women and children, desperately seeking freedom.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Alistair Huthcison


Michael Bladderboy

Hope you get some fantastic weather this time and really enjoy the ride. Bit of FOMO but to be honest, I'm just not fit enough so glad I'm sitting this one out. Thanks for all the work you put into these. Wishing you all a successful venture.


Beth Harper


Paul Pohlen

Have fun Beth.


Adam Pfeiffer

Great work Beth keep up the food work! From the Pfeiffers


Faye Paul

It feels strange to not be there with you Bethie but will be thinking of and feeling for you all the proud of you dear friend. Put your stake in the ground at the top of that Crown Range road and will remember with you all the inspirational work you have and are still doing to fight trafficking. Go you Wonder Woman!!! Take care and safe cycling xx


Phillipa Batts

Love you Bethie, keep going!!



Beth 9 years of working in your job inspiring others is a long time and deserves accolades . Know you are not looking for this but well done. Enjoy the rest of the ride