Amberlee Jones

What your donation can do

I would love your support through this challenge. Your donation, no matter the amount, will ultimately make a huge difference. Here's what your donation could achieve:

- $20 Helps educate a community on safe routes when migrating for work to reduce their risk of trafficking.

- $80 Provides an intelligence analyst the ability to create an intelligence profile that can match a trafficker to online child sexual abuse images.

 $150 Provides legal support for a survivor to give their testimony in court to help secure a conviction against their trafficker.

- $300 Donates two full educational support scholarships to reduce the vulnerability of girls living along dangerous trafficking routes.    

I'm fundraising for Tearfund

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Matthew Jones

Since i'm doing this, make sure Amberlee does every step


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Amberlee Jones


Christy Carson

You got this girl!!! I'm proud of you for getting involved in this. Also you ARE pretty ❤




Alex Harrington


Carolyn Cerecke

Well done!


Rozanne Jones


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Aaron Jones

Good luck!


Lisa Bentley

You've got this girl!!!


Amberlee Jones


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