Alexis Waterhouse

Day #1

Well, it's day one of Autumn (or Fall for my American friends); and day one of the Tearfund challenge! 

Day #1 found me embarking on some exercise of a slightly different kind. Instead of walking, I spent my afternoon wallowing in mud and clearing willow-weed from our stream!  We are in the beginning stages of making a Nahere Rongoa (medicinal native bush) . Stage #1 is clearing the land. In this case it means getting the water moving and trying to figure out where the stream bank is! 

So this was my afternoon. Rather backbreaking work actually! Instead of a few extra km's I really only made it about 10 metres - but my body is certainly feeling it now, lol. I actually think this Rongoa project ties in pretty well to what Tearfund is doing: healing the land and helping heal the awful blight of human trafficking. 

Anyway, I'd love it if you could sponsor me at some stage over this month. All money raised goes straight to Tearfund to help fight against the human slave trade. And if you feel like wallowing in mud and planting natives, come and join me! 

Lexi x

Horsey Hikoi

Hi, my name is Lexi Waterhouse.

I'm passionate about increasing awareness around the exploitation of women and children around the world. In this case it's the slavery route from Nepal to central India. A total of about 867km's. They estimate that there are around 4.8 million people in forced commercial sexual exploitation around the world - let alone the ammount in forced labour! These are staggering figures - whole generations devisated and lost. 

Please help me spread the word - and please donate! 

Every dollar donated goes to Tearfund's "Protect" cause, which partners with organisations around the world to combat this exploitation. 

My goal is to walk, run (or stagger) an extra 20km each week. The pony in the picure's name is Ash. He and another pony Ben will be accompaning me on these excursions! There may also be Wolf the dog, Friendrick the goat and the occasional human along on the journey too. SO technically - that's a whole lot more steps isn't it??

Instead of being just (much needed) exercise; I hope that walking these extra km's will be a mindful practice - spent in thought, prayer and solidarity for those trapped in slavery.

Come and join me in spreading the word!



We're fundraising for Tearfund

I'm taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring me.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Mike Johnson

Blessings, standing in contemplative solidarity with you.


Tony Gillman

Alexis-- This sounds like a wonderful project. I am pleased to help. Tony


Vivienne Raney

Aren't the pig's invited on your walk?


Maureen Waterhouse

Go Alexis. Maybe I shld send Pop LOL


Moana Hehepoto

Love it Lexi & the animals šŸ’œ


Alexis Waterhouse


Doug Villella

Solid solidarity Alexis! I admire you.


Angela Uliana-murphy

What a wonderful endeavor! Wish I could join you on your contemplative walking!