Tony Clark

Why I'm getting involved

I'm excited about putting my passion for cycling together with my passion to do something positive for women and children caught in human trafficking.

Two years ago I rode in the Tour Of New Zealand and together with you we raised over $44,000 to fight human trafficking. Those precious funds were put to good work to help precious girls.

Some of the highlights of our partner organisation LIFT'S recent work are:

- Victoria Secret is the name of a brothel in Thailand.  The case started with a tip-off that a 12 year old girl had been trafficked. The ensuing raid saw 15 under age trafficking victims freed and 10 offenders arrested. This case also highlighted the issue of corruption as a bribe book was found showing approx. $1.3M NZD had been paid out either as bribes or services of girls every month to silence police. This intel led to a domino effect that closed three more brothels. 

- Last year there was also an unprecedented compensation claim for a survivor. The young victim was just 14 years old and became pregnant during the course of her abuse; the compensation of 3.8 million THB will allow her to take good care of her baby.

There are many more stories like these and we are glad to use our resources to help bring education and freedom to those trapped in human trafficking.

Thank you for partnering with me in this!



Cycling up Mt Everest for Freedom! March 16th

We're joining the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking.

On 16 March we're taking on the challenge of cycling up the equivalent of Mt Everest! It's an 8,848m climb to the top of Mt Everest, which equates to 25 climbs up to the Wellington Wind Turbine. 

As a team, between us we will ride up at least one Mt Everest, maybe more! It's going to be difficult but it's worth it for those on the frontline working tirelessly to bring freedom to victims while taking down the traffickers in court. 

Please help by sponsoring us. We're hoping to raise one dollar per metre climbed. Choose what distance you can support, and remember, this is more than just a donation. Every dollar you give helps to bring freedom to vulnerable children trapped in slavery. Your donation and what it represents will hugely help us as we take on this beast of a challenge. 



Thank you to my Sponsors


Tony And Jennifer Clark

My wife and I getting behind this this effort.




Josh Aldridge


Colm Kearney

An impressive challenge for a very worthy cause. Ride strong mate.


Katy Tait

Go Tony!! So glad you are getting behind this cause. Best of luck.



Go hard Tony, you guys will smash this! Awesome work!