The Gonzies

Day 14 - 14jun2020 Last day

This is the last day for this event. Thanks for following us
6.3Km done in the morning by Papa Bear
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19.9km a bike under the bridge with the kids
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360.4km done in this 14 day event and $312 raised

Day 13 - 13jun2020

Morning bike ride to the marina. 269km done so far to date. One more day to go
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Day 10 - 10jun2020

Had a family bike ride at night. Combined total distance covered was 31.7km. To date from June 1, we have done 256.86km

Day 9 - 09jun2020

An evening walk of 1.85km, a combined total of 11km.
To date the total combined distance we have achieved is 225.15km. We have covered the 218km distance between Keng Tung in Myanmar and Chiang Rai in Thailand

Day 8 - 08jun2020

Papa bear went for his run after work, 4.3km
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Day 7 - 07jun2020

Papa Bear had a run for 3.1km in the morning then in the afternoon, the family had an 11.7km bike ride, a combined total of 70.2km

Day 6 - 06jun2020

Bike ride with the family from afternoon til dark. 8.5km individually, or 51km combined total

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Raising awareness, any funds raised are for Tearfund

218km is the distance between Keng Tung in Myanmar and Chiang Rai in Thailand. This is sadly, often used as a trafficking route.

Human trafficking is an organised criminal activity that deceives and coerces people into modern slavery.

We've decided as a family to reclaim the equivalent distance ( eg. 6 of us x biking 3 km/day x 12 days = 216 km!) on behalf of trafficking victims to raise awareness, to help break the cycle of poverty and bring freedom to people trapped in trafficking and exploitation.

You can join us if you would like to!

The Ethical Fashion Guide is a practical tool we can also use to reduce worker exploitation and alleviate poverty in developing countries where clothes are manufactured. When we buy from brands with good grades, we’re supporting fair working conditions and care for the planet.


Thank you to our Sponsors



You made it ... and you're on your way back again!


Glyn & Ian

Great family effort. We're proud of you, Well done


Mel Antonio


Victoria R Antonio

Keep up your good work



Great work



Great cause. Enjoy the journey!


The Storey’s

Well done!! Great cause.