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What was achieved

The Tearfund Poverty Cycle last year raised enough to free 56 victims of human trafficking, convict 54 traffickers and help 80 women increase their incomes and thereby become less vulnerable.  Let's hope we can do as much or more again this year.  :)

This year our team has raised $588 so far - thanks!  The whole campaign is sitting on $30,261  :) 

But ... there are 25 million people worldwide in forced labour exploitation, of which 4.8 million are in forced commercial sexual exploitation (bringing in a profit of $150 billion for that last category), so every dollar counts to end this nightmare.

Last Day and Got There!

Well, since I last wrote, we've finished up with a 7.5 km ride from Erica, a 14 km run from David and 10.8 km on the bike from me for a grand total of 447.3 km altogether, so we're well past our 425 aim. 
Thanks so much to all those, who have supported this excellent cause so far - and it's not too late if you were thinking about it but haven't yet!!
Pictures of the team in the gallery (Erica and Don above).  Thanks, everyone!

Day 11 (of 14)

More cold and drizzly weather - not surprising for June.  Trevor and I have done 17.2 km between us today and that brings our team total up to 415 km out of the 425 target: 97.6%.

Showcasing Wellington

Don was the man of the hour on Tuesday, showcasing Wellington at sunrise and sunset and clocking up 43 km.  Meanwhile in Taranaki we did a 4 km run and 7.1 km on the bike, taking the team over the 400 km mark.  :) 

Pushing on!

Yesterday Trevor and I covered 9.9 km up on the mountain between us, while David ran 15 km over the weekend.  Today, Trevor did a 5 km run and acted as support vehicle while I biked part of the way home - 23.8 km biking.  And Don put in 40 km on the bike in Wellington.  Good effort team!  I figure we're up to 327.7 km out of our 425 - some .77 of the distance to cover.  If we were doing it on the actual trafficking route, we'd be approaching Suphan Buri.  And if we were being trafficked ourselves, would not be having fun doing it, I'd have to say.  Thanks to all our sponsors - we appreciate it!

Saturday - the Taranaki news

I went out on the other side of town and did 22.2 km today - but with a walk home and a puncture repair in the middle!  Glad to say I was only a couple of kilometres from home when it happened and Trevor found and fixed it for me.  Meanwhile, he ran 15.1 km. 
Together with yesterday's total of 30 km from Don and Erica, we're now at 229 kilometres of the 425!  On track and more  :)

And another (wet day that is)!

Wet again today and I had to carry a box of stuff to work, so welcomed the excuse to miss a day riding!  Especially since, with Don and Erica's 31 km yesterday and Trevor's 8 km run today, we are now at 161.7 km total!  That's .38 of the distance in .35 of the time, so we're going well.  Thanks for the support, everyone that's donated and given us thumbs up etc  :) .

Another wet day

Dodged the raindrops in Taranaki this morning but fitted in a few extra blocks after work to clock up 10.2 km.  Trevor had a rest day.  Waiting to hear from David.  Don and Erica have 47 km so far this week between them, so right now we're sitting on 122.7 km - yay - over quarter of the way there and right on track!

Day 3 - Taranaki crew

A 6.2 km ride for me today and something similar in running by Trevor.  The total is creeping up!  My contribution was clocked up while collecting feijoas from a friend - yum!

Day 2

In Taranaki, Pip did 19.2 km on the bike today and Trevor went for a 4 km run.  With our totals from yesterday, that brings us up to 53.3 km so far.  :)

We're fundraising for Tearfund to fight human trafficking.

We're taking up the Tearfund Poverty Cycle challenge to help combat human trafficking and exploitation.

Please help by sponsoring us.


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Thanks for your efforts - impressive in all weathers and challenging conditions - in fundraising for TEAR.


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Ride well Team Harrison


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