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"Poverty Cycle is worth the sore butt, achy legs and discomfort of asking mates for money because together, with friends, family, and acquaintances, we helped put a chink in the cycle of poverty. I loved the challenge of riding my bike further than I had ever ridden it before, plus the joy and satisfaction of doing it for a worthy cause. Let’s get our running, walking and bike shoes on in 2020 and help Tearfund give freedom to those trapped in trafficking and exploitation!"

Petra Bagust

“Last year's ride was absolutely brilliant, the scenery, the stages and organisation was just brilliant. I would recommend anyone wanting a fun and interactive ride to join and enjoy. I will definitely be riding again this year, can’t wait!”

Grant Campbell

“Poverty Cycle is a great opportunity to partner with our friends and family to do something for those who are trapped in hopeless situations and help change the way their stories end!”

Ido Drent

“I was drawn to take part in Poverty Cycle after learning about how bad the forced labour exploitation situation is around the world. Prior to learning about this I had no idea it was so bad and that so many people were caught up in such a horrible life. My goal is to help spread the word about what is going on and to raise money for Tearfund to help with the great work they do to help the situation.”

Art Green

“When Art offered me a spot alongside him on the boat, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. The thought of sharing a boat with my good mate as we enter the pain room together makes me excited beyond words. It’s nice to put a Kiwi vs Aussie rivalry aside as we come together to make a positive impact. A few hours of pain on the rowing machine is nothing compared to a lifetime of struggle that many people face across the world.”

Drew Harrisberg

"Participating in the Poverty Cycle was a great opportunity to physically do something to support the fight against human trafficking. The Poverty Cycle transformed my every day, walking into a purposeful mission supporting the work to stop trafficking and exploitation"

Kerrie Palma

“A group of friends and I did the Poverty Cycle fundraiser and it was an awesome experience, especially as we knew it was about more than just us doing a walk to raise awareness, it was about raising money that would help fight human trafficking. It was also a lot of fun. So much easier when you can choose your day and route, and we did a stunning Auckland walkway none of us had done before. Good friends, great weather, a beautiful walk and a really important cause we all wanted to help – it was brilliant. And we all want to do it again this year!”

Janet Rowley

"Choosing to reclaim back a trafficking route over a week (79km) was a lot for me when I am a novice cyclist, but every time I went out that week I reminded myself that I am free. I found freedom biking around Tamaki drive, looking at the ocean and breathing in fresh air. It reminded me I am riding for those who have no freedom"

Katy Tait

"James 2:26 says, ‘Anyone who doesn’t breathe is dead, and faith that doesn’t do anything is just as dead.’ This verse has challenged me many times in my Christian walk and has led me to taking up some pretty interesting challenges, 3 tours of Waitoto in Uganda, 10 years of children’s ministry and Poverty Cycle to name a few. To have the opportunity to make a difference, to help combat human trafficking and exploitation especially woman and children trapped in sexual slavery, to be able to put feet on my faith and stand up for the least of these."

Peter White


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