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The Challenge

The Tearfund Poverty Cycle is a nationwide virtual event in March challenging Kiwis to get fit, have fun and make a difference!

For seven years, we’ve held the iconic road race in Clevedon, Auckland, but this March we’re giving you the opportunity to create your own challenge from wherever you are in New Zealand. Whether your hobby is cycling, running, surfing or some other form of exercise – we want you to #moveforfreedom as part of our community. Get ready to move with us this March and help break the cycle of poverty for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Take up the challenge yourself and try beating your personal best, or grab some mates and make it a team venture.

A few awesome participants are taking on the challenge early. If you’d like to join them, sign up to our 2018 breakaway group and start fundraising!


Check back this year for some exciting announcements!

Our community

What’s your challenge? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our team! Email to share your story with us.

Trafficking Routes

Coming soon!


Can I sign up now?

Sure you can! Because the challenge isn’t till March next year, our site is currently in testing. All our amazing fundraisers you see here are our breakaway group, testing and helping us provide the best possible tool for you. You’re welcome to be one of them by getting in touch, or come back later this year to sign up for March.

Who are the breakaways?

Taking the lead for Tearfund, breakaways are a small group of supporters who are taking on the Poverty Cycle challenge EARLY and fundraising for ‘Protect’. They are kindly testing our campaign before we launch. We would love you to sponsor them and encourage them on their journey, what they are doing is so important! If you want to take on the challenge of being a breakaway too – you can sign up and we will contact you to let you know more.